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Couponing to Disney
Christmas Party: 7 readers will win a set of chair locks from Safe to Grow!
If you have kids then you know about the annoying stage they go through where they are constantly messing with the kitchen chairs. From moving the chairs over to the counters so they can climb on them to pushing out from the dinner table when they are suppose to be eating dinner…. It’s enough to drive you crazy not to mention being dangerous!

Hanging Off the Wire
Safe To Grow Kids Chair Locks Review
When we got the locks, Jason said, "Those won't work for our table." Well, once you get to know me, there is one thing you will learn: Don't ever tell me that I can't do something. Ha ha! I did it. And it was easy! And they work! Callan used to move the chairs all over the kitchen, and even get up on top of the stove! Scary! And now that Mason is walking, he is moving the chairs around too. But not anymore! I am in heaven! They can not get the chairs out from the table anymore. But when I want to, I can. I just unsnap the lock, and there you go! Quick, fast, and a solution to a problem! Read more at

One Busy Moma
Safe To Grow Announces new Patent Pending Chair Lock
Safe To Grow Kids is a mom made business, with Claudia Salerno as the CEO. Tired of toddler accidents from counters and climbing, Tom Salerno decided to make safety a priority in his kitchen. Developing the only, one of a kind product called Chair Locks.

Chair Locks are the most versatile child safety product on the market. Preventing the most serious injuries that can happen from climbing and falls. Chair Locks also has he longest retail life, since tables and children will still be in high abundance 20 years from now.