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Why? Our Story

The Safe to Grow - Chair Locks idea was conceived after my 18 month old niece started moving and climbing on the kitchen chairs, to reach things on the countertop, table, stove (etc... ) She nearly fell trying to do this and despite our best efforts, she continued her acrobatics .

However, It wasn't until sometime later my 2 year old nephew pushed a kitchen chair to a counter and spilled a scalding hot cup of coffee on himself. It only took seconds while a family member went to the refrigerator to get milk. My nephew was in the hospital for two weeks and required several skin graft surgeries. That's when my husband and I went to stores, searched through catalogs and the internet, looking for a child proofing product to keep children from using kitchen chairs to climb. It turned out there was no such product. I couldn't stand the thought of this happening again, to any child. I did some research and discovered that toddlers climbing kitchen chairs was a serious problem, not only in our family, but in millions of families everywhere. Now I was on a mission!!

Because my husband was just as determined our first stop was Home Depot. We both had the same idea, to somehow secure the chairs to the table but of course, his thoughts were nuts, bolts and screws. But I decided to take a little more feminine approach, and suggested Joanne Fabrics, that's when it all started coming together. With a bag of nylon straps, snaps and clips we headed home.

And Safe to Grow was born!!

  • We have the only PATENTED child safety product of its kind.
  • Safe to Grow - Chair Locks are the most versatile and prevent more hazards than any other child safety product on the market.

Watch for more innovative child safety products from Safe to Grow. We are a new company, with fresh new ideas.

And remember: Make your home, Safe to Grow!

Warm regards,
Claudia Salerno
Proprietor & President

Safe to Grow is a female, minority owned business.

Owner / CEO Claudia Salerno