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Safe to Grow Chair Locks
Prevent Dangerous Hazards
Climbing, Falls, Pushing to Stoves/Counter Tops
Secure Toddlers into Booster Seats
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The Problem

As we know, toddlers are naturally fascinated with things that are within sight but out of reach. To satisfy their curiosity, toddler's will climb chairs to reach objects on tables, countertops, and stoves, or even push them over to a window. Since chairs are easily moved and readily accessible to toddlers, they can become extremely dangerous tools.

Possible Causes or Risks to Toddler Injury:

Carol Berkowitz, M.D. President of the American Academy of Pediatrics.
No doubt you've "baby proofed" your home: covered electronic outlets, locked cabinets, and tied up cords. But despite your best efforts, there's one room that still may be hazardous for your child: The Kitchen. Many parents aren't aware of burns and falls in the kitchen, according to new studies in pediatrics, the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). In fact researchers found that 1 year olds where at higher risk than any other youn children for getting hurt in the kitchen, Likely as a result of their natural curiosity, newly acquired motor skills, and lack of experience assessing danger.
The Problem The Solution
The Solution
CHair Locks Safe to Grow

Thanks to Safe to Grow Chair Locks, little ones can't pull chairs away from the table. Safe to Grow Chair Locks work by securing the kitchen chairs to the table with a child resistant buckle system. They are fully adjustable and work on any wooden table set. Safe to Grow Chair Locks are easily locked in and out by adults when the chairs need to be used. Safe to Grow Chair Locks only take a few moments to attach. So please, take the time, protect your child and avoid injuries!

Testimonials - What are people saying?


Hi There,
My name is Sunny, I saw your Safe to Grow - Chair Locks and immediately bought them. I am on the verge of a breakdown, with my little climber who just figured out how to get the kitchen chairs OUT from under the table. They really work great! I love how we can hide them under the table so you can't see them. They were really easy to put on, the only person who doesn't like them is our one year old, everyone else is thrilled. We can't thank you enough!!!
-Sunny W. Scottsdale, AZ.

I have to tell you your chair locks are literally saving my life. When I had my first child, we had to remove the kitchen chairs and lock them in another room, it was too dangerous. We lived without chairs for several months. We couldn't be happier with these chair locks. It is now to the point our little one stopped trying to pull the chairs out! He knows there is no point. I've told so many people about them, especially one friend whose baby was pulling the chairs out and they would topple on top of her. (Unlick mine who would just climb on the chair, and dance on the table.) They go on with strong double sided which I really like, I have lots of gates etc. and at least my table still looks like a regular table.
-Joanne C. Columbia, SC.